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Anti-Bullying and School Safety Tips & Programs in Indianapolis, IN

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Our anti-bullying organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is goal-oriented to promoting school safety and anti-bullying tips and programs for a safer school environment. Although bullying is often associated with young people in our schools, this activity occurs throughout our community. All students deserve a safe learning environment free of bullying. BullyMe-NoMore provides anti-bullying programs and school safety measures that help you make this happen whether you're a parent, a teacher, or a school administrator. BullyMe-NoMore also provides bullying programs for community groups, churches and youth programs.



The mission of BullyMe-NoMore is simple:

INFORM -     Understanding Bullying

EMPOWER - How to identify and deal with Bullies

AFFECT -     Creating a better and safer environment

Your support and involvement are needed to accomplish this mission.

Our Founder

BullyMe-NoMore's founder, Scott F. Eales, is a nationally recognized expert in the field of Targeted Violence, Bullying and School Safety. His leadership and guidance make our anti-bullying organization a premier advocate of school safety for students.

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About Us

BullyMe-NoMore is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our goal is to promote a safer learning environment for all students. Learn about the different challenges our children now face regarding social, emotional and physical bullying and how to address these concerns.

Programs advise students, teachers, and parents, as well as the students doing the bullying.